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That Taste On My Lips - Chapter 2, AUstuck Eridan/Karkat


first chapter is here if you wanna read it c: omg FINALLY IT’S FUCKING DONE AHHH.

hope you guys enjoy @u@

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That Taste On My Lips - AUstuck Eridan/Karkat

o-okay uhm so ax bullied me into writine erikar and so i had this really cute au idea HIGH SCHOOLSTUCK where eridan is on the swim team and yeah. it’s cute.

a-anyway enjoy

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It’s sort of a KH fic, lol. Demyx-inspired. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the game or anything; it’s just an AU tidbit sort of story. Nothing fancy really.

You can consider it a deathfic if you want? Just depends on your own interpretation of the story.

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