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new dawn


post KH3D isalea/akusai, lea’s perspective

started this awhile ago, but like most of my writing projects my confidence tends to shoot down 99% of anything before it takes flight…

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Dead Hearts - Isa/Lea|Saix/Axel
felt like doing another bit of xigbar writing


xigbar stuff! him being srs for once? (i love him write moar)

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Quasi-perfect Equilibrium

okay i wrote this YEARS AGO GOD WOW so sorry for any out of characterness or just the general icky quality

it’s a horror fic, xigbar and vexen, mostly vexen-centric. it was written for a halloween thingy lololol anyway yeah it gets kind of creepy so. you’ve been warned…

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One World Between Them - Isa/Lea fanfic

inspired by this song by The Flaming Lips I would suggest listening to it while you read :) :) anyway, I hope you guys enjoy

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It’s sort of a KH fic, lol. Demyx-inspired. It doesn’t really have anything to do with the game or anything; it’s just an AU tidbit sort of story. Nothing fancy really.

You can consider it a deathfic if you want? Just depends on your own interpretation of the story.

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